22/06/2017 afternoon Edit


a) explain how global change is affecting human health and human societies through examples (sea level rise, more disease outbreaks, etc.)

b) How can we make human societies more sustainable and at the same time conserve biodiversity (answers: stabilize/reverse human population growth, bio fuels and more use biological controle/land sparing)


a) explain land sharing and land sparing + give 2 examples of each

b) Land sparing is generally accepted as the best approach. Explain.

c) Are there any disadvantages of land sparing? Which? How can we solve them?

19/06/2017 afternoon Edit


a) Discuss the consequences of the loss of megafauna.

b) Discuss the concept of trophic rewilding and illustrate with examples.


a) Which processes underlie the global decline in pollinators. Discuss their relative importance.

b) What can be done to prevent a further decline?

12/06/2017 morning Edit


a)What is an abrupt change and give 3 examples (figure on slides important)

b) What are the implications of this for the global ecosystem

c) How can you recognise it and what can you do about it on local an global scale ( planetary boundry framework?)


-Advantages and disadvatage of ex situ and in situ conservation of coffee